DNS Configuration for LG Smart TVs & Players with Web OS

Use any computer or tablet which is connected to the same network as your Smart TV and authenticate on the link below.
Find and press the Settings button on your remote.
This opens the Quick Settings screen.
Locate and press the Advanced icon which is displayed in the bottom-right corener of the screen.
then click on the Network icon.
Depending on how your TV is connected to the internet please proceed to the correct step in this guide:
If you use a cable connection, proceed to the next step
or else, if you use a wireless connection just skip to step 5.
If your device uses a cable connection:
Click the Edit button.
or else, If your device uses a Wireless (WiFi) connection:
Click on the Advanced Settings option.
Untick (deselect) the option Set Automatically
Enter the following IP address in the DNS field:
Hint: Please choose from our DNS Server List the closest server to your current location.
Press Connect to finishg the configuration.
To receive the US Channel Apps on your TV
Press the Settings button on your remote.
Then navigate the menus to: General -> Location -> LG Services Country and change it to United States.